Selected Working Papers

[1] “Beat Me If You Can: Electoral Dilemma and the Manipulation of Elections in Dictatorship” Under Review.

  • An earlier version was published at the EIP/IDEA Working Paper Series
  • Winner of the 2014 IDEA/Electoral Integrity Project Award, the best graduate student paper award on electoral integrity, Electoral Integrity Project/International IDEA
  • Nominee for the Westview Press Award, the best graduate student paper award at the 2013 annual meeting of Midwest Political Science Association
  • Winner of the 2014 Best Paper Award, Political Science Department, Michigan State University

[2] “The Choice of Electoral Systems in Dictatorships.” (with Eric C.C. Chang) Revise and Resubmit at Government and Opposition.

[3] “The Peril of Parliamentarism: Executive Selection Systems and Democratic Transitions from Electoral Authoritarianism” Under Review. (with Yuko Kasuya)

[4] “Democratization and Human Development.” Under Review. (with Susumu Annaka)

[5] “When Does the Honeymoon End? Electoral Cycles of Democratic Satisfaction in Africa.” Under Review. (with Nicholas Kerr)

[6] “Election Fraud and the Value of a Vote.” Under Review.

[7] “Political Business Cycles in Dictatorships.

[8] “Coup Risk and Fiscal Decisions in Developing Countries.” (with Cristina Bodea and Adrienne LeBas)

[9] “Historical Origins of Long-Surviving Military Dictatorships: The Mode of Decolonization, Legitimacy Advantage, and Path Dependency.” (with Yuko Kasuya)

[10] “Election Timing in Autocracy.” (with Yuki Yanai)

[11] “Political Regimes and Refugee Entries: Motivations behind Refugees and Host Governments.” (with Yu Jin Woo)