Selected Working Papers

[1] “Democratization and Human Development.” Revised and Resubmitted to World Development. (with Susumu Annaka)

[2] “The Peril of Parliamentarism: Executive Selection Systems and Democratic Transitions from Electoral Authoritarianism” Under Review. (with Yuko Kasuya)

[3] “When Does the Honeymoon End? Electoral Cycles of Democratic Satisfaction in Africa.” Under Review. (with Nicholas Kerr)

[4] “Political Regimes and Refugee Entries: Motivations behind Refugees and Host Governments.” Under Review. (with Yu Jin Woo)

[5] “Election Timing in Autocracy: Why Dictators Call Elections in Economic Crisis?” (with Yuki Yanai)

[6] “Historical Origins of Long-Lasting Military Dictatorships.” (with Yuko Kasuya)

[7] “Disguising as Democrats: The Origins and Outcomes of Partially Independent EMBs in Dictatorships.” (with Hidekuni Washida)