Working Papers

[1] “Political Regimes and Refugee Entries: Motivations behind Refugees and Host Governments.” Revised and Resubmitted to International Studies Quarterly (with Yujin Woo)

[2] “Mass Reactions to Endogeneous Election Timing: Evidence from Conjoint Experiments in Japan.” Under Review (with Naoki Shimizu, Hidekuni Washida, and Yuki Yanai)

[3] “Do Muslim Citizens Welcome Muslim Immigrants? Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in Kazakhstan.” Under Review (with Akira Igarashi and Yujin Woo)

[4] “Credibility of Government Statistics and Mass Reactions in Autocracies: An Information Correction Experiment on COVID-19 in Kazakhstan.” Under Review (with Susumu Annaka and Gento Kato)

[5] “Elite Divisions, Party Origins, and Political Liberalization in Autocracies.”Under Review. (with Adrian del Rio)

[6] “Classifying Clientelism of Political Parties: Cross-National, Party-Level Explorations.” Under Review. (with Hidekuni Washida)

[7] “Tutelary Power and Autocratic Legitimacy: Evidence from Kazakhstan’s Diarchy.” Under Review. (with Yuki Shiraito)

[8] “Election Timing in Autocracies: Why Dictators Call Elections in Economic Crisis?” (with Yuki Yanai)

[9] “Historical Origins of Long-Lasting Military Dictatorships.” (with Yuko Kasuya)

[10] “Disguising as Democrats: The Origins and Outcomes of Partially Independent EMBs in Dictatorships.” (with Hidekuni Washida)

[11] “Popular Protests and the Elite-Mass Linkage in Autocracies: Experimental and Observational Evidence from Kazakhstan.

[12] “Economic versus Political Preferences over Labor Migration Policies: Evidence from Survey Experiments in Five Asian Countries.” (with Akira Igarashi and Yujin Woo)

[13] “Democracy and the Development of State Capacity: Evidence from the First Two Waves of Democratization.” (with Austin M. Mitchell)

[14] “Driving Forces of Diversification in Central Bank Mandates: Global Textual Analysis of Central Bank Laws.” (with Kenya Amano)

[15] “Unpacking Authoritarian Political Parties: What Party Structures Reveal About Party Strategies and Patterns of Survival.” (with Erica Frantz)

[16] “Off-Schedule Elections and Popular Attitudes: Dynamic Effects of Election Timing Manipulation on Public Support.” (with Hisashi Kadoya and Yuki Yanai)